FizzArrow Made in England

Bespoke Handmade Leather Goods

Working with leather, to create individual pieces, designed and made purely for that person.

Not mass produced. Not identical. Each piece is unique, each item is functional and classic, plain and strong.

The combination of typography debossed into the leather is the only embellishment.

The leathers are natural and have scars which just adds to the look and the leather improves the more you handle and use it.

Hand made leather goods, bespoke.

FizzArrow Bespoke Handmade Leather Goods. Made in Britain.

It started out because I liked to make things. I discovered I could make leather gifts for friends and family using my grandmother’s 1960’s Singer sewing machine. Five more Singers later and I have completed my collection, each machine is used for different aspects of leather stitching. The 1960’s Singer 401G is the youngest, the oldest is my 1935 Singer 132k6.

Four on years and the range is developing, the more I make, the more I want to make. New ideas constantly flowing, new challenges, the pleasure is seeing the person unwrap the gift.

Typography and quotes play a part in each item, always tailored to that person, it makes the gift more pertinent somehow.

It’s a passion, simple as that.

FizzArrow Bespoke Handmade Leather Goods. Made in Britain.

Packaging. Made with love.  ©FizzArrow

Packaging. Made with love. ©FizzArrow



Singer 29k58  ©FizzArrow

Singer 29k58 ©FizzArrow

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